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Dr. Know: Lost Uncles, Knitted Vandalism, and a Lonesome Bench

The good doctor ponders puzzling queries, like historic streets seemingly vanished into thin air, previous attacks on poor Romulus and Remus, and the purpose of an unclaimed park bench.

Why Jay Can’t Read

Cincinnati heard me reading for years. Now my voice has been silenced.

Dr. Know: Enquirer Parodies, Shrinking Papers, and Street Sales

Inquiring minds want to know as the good doctor investigates the city’s largest newspaper, the future of print journalism, street sales, and more.

Caper of the Flame: A Tale of Cincinnati’s Long-Gone Fire Alarm Boxes

My only experience with a Cincinnati fire alarm box, and I didn’t get in trouble.

Dr. Know: A Mammoth Mystery, Broken Clocks, and Old License Plates

The good doctor ponders puzzling queries, like why that OTR clocktower is stuck at 10:06, how to get rid of your old license plates, and where the wooly mammoths went (at least, the ones that used to stand outside the old Natural History Museum).

Dr. Know: Milford’s Seagulls, Phantom Lane Closures, and Covedale’s Missing Grapevines

The good doctor has answers to your pressing Cincinnati questions, like why are there seagulls in Milford, how does Google know my exit ramp is closed, and what happened to the 50,000 grapevines supposedly removed for Covedale development?

My P&G Soap Opera

Cincinnati’s bluebloods came to me for help with a new product. It went well at first.

Dr. Know: P&G’s Time Capsule, the Green Man, and the Cincinnati Olympics That Never...

The good doctor ponders puzzling queries, like what's inside a Procter & Gamble time capsule, the Green Man in the park, and our failed bid to host the 2012 Olympic Games.

Dr. Know: Spicy Grippo’s, a Newspaper Section for Teens, and the Broadway vs. Broadway...

The good doctor investigates more Cincinnati peculiarities, like the sometimes-varying spiciness of Grippo’s chips, a teen-centric newspaper section, and settling a Broadway bet.

Dr. Know: Sitwell’s Records, Lost Buildings, and a San Diego Slogan

The good doctor investigates serious issues, like records the near the ceiling at Sitwell’s, what used to be on a Clifton block, and a sign comparing Cincinnati to San Diego.