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Just Call Us Kin-cinnati: The Travelers Who Visit Spring Grove Cemetery

Over the past 150 years, the secretive families of Scottish and Irish travelers developed an unbreakable bond with Cincinnati.

CCM Grads Give Their Regards to Broadway

Eight CCM grads talk about the challenges of building a New York theater career, learning to adjust during the pandemic, and the lessons they still carry from their time at the University of Cincinnati.

Killing off Ohio’s Death Penalty

A bipartisan coalition of state lawmakers hopes to end executions and make Ohio the 24th state to stop the death penalty’s “failed experiment.” Joe Deters is not on board.

Not in Anyone’s Backyard?

A new pressurized natural gas pipeline pitted Duke Energy against Hamilton County residents who didn’t want it running under their streets or near their schools. With construction completed, the focus now shifts to safe operations.

Nick Goepper Is Still Up in the Air

The Lawrenceburg native fell in love with skiing at Perfect North and chased his dreams at three Olympics, including the 2022 Games in Beijing. But his longest and hardest journey has been chasing peace and perspective.

The Importance of Being Mayor Aftab

Aftab Pureval doesn’t shy away from discussing the symbolic meaning of his election win, but he’d rather talk about how an outsider mayor and fresh faces on city council will energize Cincinnati.

The River Runs Through Us

Cincinnati’s history and lore are linked to the Ohio River, but as the primary source of our public drinking water it’s literally inside most of us. How safe should we feel?

What Colleges, Faculty, and Students Learned From the Pandemic

How local college faculty turned the past year’s crazy school schedules and disrupted routines into life lessons for their students.

A Monument to Shame

The Brent Spence Bridge’s traffic chokehold has taken a back seat to political cowardice and misplaced priorities for decades. Will the federal infrastructure bill finally bail out regional leaders who fiddled while the bridge burned?

Thrills and Chills Along the Rocky Road

Based at the Esquire Theatre, The Denton Affair is one of the longest-running and most active “shadow casts” in the history of the biggest cult film of all time.

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